Green Building
Sustainable Construction Practices and Environmental Quality

Our approach to green building revolves around two concepts: responsible materials use and indoor environmental quality. We believe that a building should offer the best environment for its occupants at the lowest expense to our planet.


Materials Sourcing
Contruction materials are all extracted from the earth in some form or other. Making responsible materials selections minimizes the impact on the ecosystem and promotes responsible manufacturing processes. We work hard to implement rapidly renewable resources, like bamboo, and recycled content materials in many manifestations. We also take care to source hardwood with FSC certification, ensuring responsible lumber production.



Landfill Diversion
We take special care to protect our environment by diverting the maximum amount of construction waste from landfills. This involves reducing the amount ot construction material and packaging used, as well as recycling and reusing as much overage from the job site as possible. We sort all the waste on site and allocate it to the appropriate outlets to ensure valuable recyclable materials don't wind up at the dump.



Indoor Environment Quality
The well being of its occupants is an enormous factor in a building's efficiency, and thereby its environmental sustainability. By building with safe, low VOC materials we ensure that people work in a healthy environment. Additionally, a well designed building with outdoor views cuts back on energy costs by employing natural daylight. Workers are proven to be considerably more efficient in "ergonomic" environments, also adding enormous cost value to a project. Best practices during construction restrict contaminants from permeating indoors after the space is occupied.